Monthly Archive: May 2015


Mondays are for Motivation

Mondays are everyone’s worst enemy. But here is some motivation! Don’t let anyone tell you who you are, what you can and cannot do. Know your worth enough to not let anyone crush it. What other people say about you does not define you, it defines who they are. You...


Groovy Grandma

  Got a pressing question? Worry no more and ask Grandma! She has the age-old wisdom and the groovy-ness to respond to your problems online.


Fine Line Between Ego and Self-respect

Hello, this is my self-respect speaking… May I have a word with you? *chuckles* How often do we get confused by the traps of ego and self-respect? Let’s do a quick analysis of what separates the two and save us from trouble of confusing one with the other. Being self-assured...


The Story So Far

Hi. I am the founder of this very humble venture and your host for the rest of the journey of Brain Knittings. People ask me if this is just another WordPress blog, but I like to call it an online magazine (e-zine), I just like the sound of it; also because...