Monthly Archive: March 2016


Resilience VS Stubborness

– Khadeeja Rana How do you really distinguish if you are being resilient or just stubborn? Resilience is commonly understood as the ability to bounce back from adversity. It is a strength of character. It means moving forward when its time, whereas stubbornness means staying stuck when its time to change...


Scrabble for iPad

– Khadeeja Rana   Scrabble for iPad is the traditional board game intended for the iPad. Scrabble itself is a crossword game where you make words with your given tiles developing on the letters already present on the board. Features The game features five modes beginning with single player mode...


Inside Out

– Jacob Kamal Malik   It seems that Pixar’s animated films always find a way to touch the heart, or in the case of their latest film, Inside Out, the mind. The film centers around five emotions that live in the head of a young girl named Riley and their...