10 Habits of Highly Creative People

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  1. We grow up in an educational environment that promotes rote learning. So much so that students do not know that they have a right to “think” on their own. So, before moving towards “creative” thoughts, we need to launch our thinking by observing, formulating questions, guessing answers and checking the answers by trying things out and reading extensively.

    Allah kept me out of the regular type of memorized “religious” learning. So when my classmate in Heriot-Watt University wanted me to become Christian, instead of falling back on repeating “rote” stuff, I had to start thinking to defend myself. This has led to a more creative approach to religion and, a weekly “tafseer” which I document weekly at https://www.scribd.com/ymihere. My job in this tafseer is to link our understanding of modern life with our purpose in life. Visit the site to learn how creatively we may look upon the religion of Allah.


  2. Super thanks for sharing such awesome post!

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