Monthly Archive: January 2016


The Illusion of Career Choice

– Khadeeja Rana No doubt parents are the responsible party who know what is best for their child and they will do anything and everything in their best efforts to prove that, but they have experience of the past, not predictions of the future; moreover at the end of the...


The Coded Brain

Coding: An Essential Factor in Mental Development of Children – Fatima Ahmed  In today’s day and age it has become an essential requirement to keep up with technology. Not only adults but even children these days have to keep up. For young minds who are into playing video games and...


Career VS Job

– Obaid Ali Shah   In the workplace culture, what matters more? Careers or Jobs? Most of us dread Monday; no wait, dread is a small word for what most people think about Mondays. But then there are people who seem to love Mondays. They can’t wait to get to...