Listening with the Third Ear

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3 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Amazingly written (Y)

  2. wasim ahmed waqar says:

    well in the 2nd paragraph, you are right its not easy asking for help, moreover it is tough to even be discovered that we have a certain problem or that something is bothering us no matter hoe big and threatening it is, but do we actually ask for help, you (the author) can you confidently say that you asked for help every time you needed it ? or have acted weird or maybe even stopped talking to the person who is actually trying to help ?

    yes asking is all what we need but i also think that even when someone is asking about our betterment, we usually stop sharing and maybe feel uncomfortable even if the sole purpose of that other person is asking if something is wrong, we stop sharing and stop telling important things that bother us to them resulting in greater mental damage. ( that just my point of view) we dont let people make an impact on our lives thinking that we would handle the situation or maybe that would stop hurting more people or maybe scared of negative impact on our already messed up situation or maybe just want to stay alone. maybe even after people say ” i am here for you” we just stop sharing scared that they might know more than they should and maybe misuse that information.

    i really want to appreciate this article and the author who wrote this, i have this really strong feeling that the author himself/herself has gone through pain and tough times, i sense that a lot of heart has been put here to write this article, i just wrote down my point of view from a different perspective .

    kudos to the writer !!

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