The Othering of Our Own Kind

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  1. Sameer Sharma says:

    I love the innocuous approach towards your analysis of our wretched & hypocritical patriarchal society that we live in. Every word echoed my sentiments and every time I hear or read about kids being subjected to sexual assault, it aggravates me and disgusts me no end.

    I had a conversation with a friend on the phone a few months ago this is what she said:

    Verbatim: “The women in our society play a pivotal role to corrupt the minds of men”.

    I firmly believe this is an endemic which prevails in South East Asia (could be gravely mistaken though) which would take a few centuries to subside and eventually march towards oblivion. The root cause is the deeply ingrained attitude towards women in our hollow society, which expects them to conform to their demands. The ones who try to liberate themselves and rebel are silenced in the name of honor. The law isn’t stringent to bring these insolent beasts to justice, hence their audacity to inflict pain and sorrow crosses the line of demarcation. I can easily relate to your predicament as I’m not alien to these diabolical surroundings.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article so immaculately articulated. I know you’re a book fiend and I admire your allegiance towards compulsive reading. Keep up the good work, take care and be happy! CHEERS…:)

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