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Our Focus:

We at Brain Knittings strongly believe that the way we look at mental health needs to change. Mental health care is not just confined to those in mental hospitals, but also to the community at large.

We intend to focus on other areas of Psychology which can increase our awareness and enhance our well-being in a world which is overwhelmed by negativity.

We believe in prevention rather than cure as prevention at the right time can decrease the need for cure.

We think starting at grass root level is what is desperately needed to let people know how their actions effect themselves and others around them. Being in a society where it is easy to point fingers, we find it necessary to let people be more self-aware than anything.

We will be publishing biannually; 6 issues each year in August, October, December, February, April and June.


To bring psychological knowledge at the doorstep of common man.


  • To create psychological sensitivity among common people
  • To remove bias that psychology only deals with mental illnesses
  • To eliminate the stigma attached with mental illnesses.
  • To develop interest of males in the field of psychology
  • To create awareness about role of psychology in everyday issues
  • To make psychological knowledge available to psychologically illiterate people


  1. To eliminate major stereotypes and negative beliefs regarding psychology.
  2. To engage quality psychology and behavioral science writers to promote Psychological concepts and applications in our daily life.
  3. To ensure the personal growth and awareness of each individual in the community to an extent where they can identify their psychological issues and guide themselves to proper mental health care centers.
  4. To promote love, peace, purity and wisdom among people through psychological awareness and sensitivity.
  5. To provide 24/7 helpline for counseling via our advice section Groovy Grandma.
  6. To assist people in guiding their own and the energies of their families and children towards right places in terms of parenting choices.
  7. To overall serve Islam as a true representative team of Islamic values adhering to the core Islamic concepts, hereby clarifying that Islam and Psychology as a science can go hand in hand.

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  1. zafar says:

    i m clinical psychologist from Pakistan. from which country your Magazine published and case studies of individuals can be published or not ?

  2. Nauman Afzal says:

    Good going! Thanks for stopping by. Subscribing to your Blog.

  3. Super thanks for sharing such awesome post!

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