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Killing Human Diversity

– Maryam Sakeenah  There are so many real life horror stories of students giving up on themselves and developing low self-esteem or other psychological problems because the school forced them to perform academically while what nature had intended for them was different. It did not take me a long time...


Music and the Human Mind

– Kainat Azhar Music, as defined in some junior physics class, is the type of sound energy that has a recurring wave pattern. The history of music is as old as the human beings on Earth. In the ancient Greece, poets sang their poems while roaming around the streets. A...


10 Habits of Highly Creative People

– Khadeeja Rana Being creative is not rocket science, below are some steps to master the art successfully. 1.     Napping: Just a five-minute nap after lunch is enough. Naps have been shown to improve alertness and enhance areas of brain that deal with creativity. But if that’s not your thing, meditation just works fine...