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Fear of Uncertainty

– Noor us Sahar Humans have always had a tendency to create art that portrays positivity. We watch movies with happy endings more than tragedies, labeling them as too burdensome to watch.Yet some way or the other, in every ten films we watch, one of them does have an either...


Inside Out

– Jacob Kamal Malik   It seems that Pixar’s animated films always find a way to touch the heart, or in the case of their latest film, Inside Out, the mind. The film centers around five emotions that live in the head of a young girl named Riley and their...


Are You Afraid of Success?

– Sohaib Niazi  Every person in the world possesses certain unique talents and in this way we all can achieve excellence and self-actualization – to be the true and best version of oneself and to realize one’s potential. If someone correctly identifies one’s talents and polishes them to the highest...