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4 Reasons to Avoid Inconsistent Parenting

  – Khadeeja Rana Over and over again I have come across instances of inconsistent parenting so I guess we’ve all been there. Inconsistent parenting is a relatively new concept and you might ask, inconsistency in what way? Very good question indeed. It can be both within parent and between...


The Illusion of Career Choice

– Khadeeja Rana No doubt parents are the responsible party who know what is best for their child and they will do anything and everything in their best efforts to prove that, but they have experience of the past, not predictions of the future; moreover at the end of the...


What’s Wrong with Appreciating Children?

– Khadeeja Rana Nothing. Yes, NOTHING is wrong with appreciating children. So why don’t we do it often? Because we think that it will spoil them, make them arrogant, narcissistic, overconfident brats and what not. If you think this way then here’s the thing; You should be questioning your own...