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4 Reasons to Avoid Inconsistent Parenting

  – Khadeeja Rana Over and over again I have come across instances of inconsistent parenting so I guess we’ve all been there. Inconsistent parenting is a relatively new concept and you might ask, inconsistency in what way? Very good question indeed. It can be both within parent and between...


All About Relationships

    The debut issue is a themed issue, focusing on the most important aspect of our lives – relationships. Be it with family, friends or colleagues, relations with others are vital in all walks of life. Join us in this journey as we explore the nitty gritty of social...


In Honour of Women and Relationships

– Yusuf Mahbubul Islam   Towering at six feet two, my grandfather (Nana) instilled fear in most people he met. He had had many achievements. He brought the first printing press into the then East Pakistan and held the first car assembly license. He was the Founder President of Dhaka Chambers of Commerce and a...