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The Key to a Successful Relationship

– Talha Afzal  Conventional wisdom holds that communication is the core ingredient of every successful relationship. However, recent studies show that there is more at play than just communication. Being good at communicating your needs may be important but not the only criteria for a successful relationship. Epstein, Warfel, Johnson, Smith,...


How to Get Rich

– Talha Afzal The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting further from riches every passing day. Its sad but true. You don’t have to be the former. If you want to be rich, all you need to do is do what the rich do. That’s it. By...


Are You Afraid of Success?

– Sohaib Niazi  Every person in the world possesses certain unique talents and in this way we all can achieve excellence and self-actualization – to be the true and best version of oneself and to realize one’s potential. If someone correctly identifies one’s talents and polishes them to the highest...